At TISHE, we firmly believe that everyone has the ability to create something wonderful.

It is our job to nurture this creativity, add ideas and advise throughout the process. New technology such as CAD and 3D printing have now removed a huge amount of risk from this sometimes daunting process. Whilst others may shy away from these methods, TISHE has embraced the new age of technology and design technics.

Anthony explains “It is simply how the new generation of customers for engagement rings and jewellery, expect things to be done.”

Design can be virtually drafted and emailed, stones and rings scanned, to ensure prefect fitting. Even prototyping designs with 3D printing before the traditional gold smithing process even begins.

Nevertheless, at TISHE we are absolutely committed to making sure the finished product is exactly as you dreamed of. We would rather re-make a whole project again then you leave with something that you are not completely satisfied with!

“The jewellery trade has changed more in the last ten years then in the last thousand years! “ – Anthony