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About Us

Time, Integrity, Service, Honesty and Education were the five original points of difference that owner Anthony Bates wished to promote and educate people about, when TISHE Jewellery was first created. With over 30 years trade experience, TISHE offers professional jewellery designs, consultations and provision for importing diamonds direct. You will be treated with care and respect in our relaxed, private studio environment. A perfect place to make your jewellery dreams come true – and we know you will benefit from our unbiased and practical jewellery advice and experience.

“I don’t sell jewellery I just help people spend their money on it” – Anthony


At Tishe, you will learn that we will go out of our way to give you exceptional service. Here’s just one example. We can arrange all the documentation (invoice, valuation, photographs and diamond certification papers) to be sent to your insurance company before you even pick up your jewellery. This way, you can arrange for insurance coverage before you even take possession of your purchases.


Tishe has recently teamed up with Q Report Jewellery Insurance Company which gives you the opportunity to have your jewellery items covered immediate on the spot at the workshop. They are many benefits to using Q Repot but is especially useful when travelling overseas ( Honeymoon ) or if you don’t have any household insurance already in place. Visit www.qreport.com.au for more information and an instant quote.

Loaner Rings

Just for the boys…. Let us take away the guess work… Because many guys are unsure of even the colour of gold, let alone the style of ring their fiancé might prefer. TISHE will set your chosen diamond into a simple ‘loaner ring’. Now you can have all the fun and the surprise when you “pop the question” without the risk ! Once she has said YES, you can both design the ring of her dreams – win, win !!!


At TISHE, we firmly believe that everyone has the ability to create something wonderful.

It is our job to nurture this creativity, add ideas and advise throughout the process. New technology such as CAD and 3D printing have now removed a huge amount of risk from this sometimes daunting process. Whilst others may shy away from these methods, TISHE has embraced the new age of technology and design technics.

Anthony explains “It is simply how the new generation of customers for engagement rings and jewellery, expect things to be done.”

Design can be virtually drafted and emailed, stones and rings scanned, to ensure prefect fitting. Even prototyping designs with 3D printing before the traditional gold smithing process even begins.

Nevertheless, at TISHE we are absolutely committed to making sure the finished product is exactly as you dreamed of. We would rather re-make a whole project again then you leave with something that you are not completely satisfied with!

“The jewellery trade has changed more in the last ten years then in the last thousand years! “ – Anthony


Nowadays, the purchase of a diamond is more complicated than ever. The internet is full of flashy sites offering “Too good to be true, basement bargain prices with money back guarantees “on products that APPEAR to look the same on paper.

When you shop at TISHE, you may wish to opt for our “hands on diamond lesson”, where we will take all the time you need to unravel the mysteries of the famous Four C’s.

You will be able to talk and understand “diamond talk” and be confident that you are making a wise choice. A little bit of knowledge will go a long way!

Tishe will never pressure or push you into purchasing something you are not 100% confidant about. We source diamonds both locally and from overseas, many times purchasing directly from the cutting factories.

There are pros and cons to both methods which will be fully explained before you proceed.

“When buying jewellery or diamonds it isn’t about getting the cheapest price, but more about understanding the product and then getting the best value and quality for the amount of money you can afford to spend” – Anthony

Get in Touch

Address: 605 – 220 COLLINS STREET – MELBOURNE VIC 3000
Tel : 0410 465744
Email : anthony@tishe.com
Skype : Using WhatsApp Now !!!

We are on the 6th Floor of the Manchester Unity Building on the Corner of Collins and Swanston.


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